Why Would I Need a Buyer’s Agent?

Most buyers understand the benefits of having their own agent represent them in a real estate purchase. But still there are some who, for some mysterious reasons, insist on going it alone. This has always baffled me since having your own agent has many benefits, and few, if any, drawbacks. So I tried to think of what would be possible objections of these reluctant folks, and I have come up with a few answers for them.

I can search on my own, through newspaper ads and the Internet. Sure, that’s certainly an option. However, one of the main benefits of utilizing a Realtor is his or her knowledge of the local market. Realtors have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), regularly visit homes for sale on his or her own and is always up to date as to where the best listings are. This thorough knowledge of the local market can save you valuable time. Another added benefit is that an agent can set up automatic notifications by email when a home specific to your wants and needs becomes available…you should never miss out again! Ask me about the “automatic notification” service.

Aren’t real estate agents pushy? Good ones are not. A good agent wants you to be comfortable and happy with your purchase, and if for no other reason than so that you can recommend him or her to your friends and relatives.

Can’t I just work with the listing agent when I see something I like? Again, that’s an option. But keep in mind that the listing agent is working for the seller, not for you. This means that his or her obligation is to get the best price and terms possible for the seller. The buyer’s agent, on the other hand, owes his or her loyalty to you. This will include negotiating on your behalf to get you the price and terms that you want.

What about the paperwork? It’s a part of your agent’s job to prepare the written offer on your behalf, and to make sure that it is written so that your interests are protected. A buyer’s agent will also assist you with all the other paperwork involved, including any documents that your lender requires. And, if any issues come up with any part of the purchase process, your agent will use his or her problem-solving abilities to resolve the issues to your satisfaction.

How much does a buyer’s agent cost? There’s NO cost to the buyer. The buyer’s agent receives a portion of the commission that the seller already agreed to pay, so you won’t have any out-of-pocket costs for having your own agent represent you.

Where do I find a good buyer’s agent? One way is to ask family and friends or consider interviewing a few local agents to see which one you like best. But wait…aren’t you on a local Realtor’s website? Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your wants and needs in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you.

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